Horses as Medicine

The human obsession with horses goes waaaay back

As a rather enigmatic & captivating member of the natural world, it’s no wonder that
Cavemen chose to paint them on their walls...

Noblemen stood for hours to be immortalised with their steeds in paintings, tapestries & statues because of the strength & prestige the horse imbued upon them. 

And now the horse is known as being more than just strong & beautiful. We have discovered in the horse an entire world of relationship & connection.

The reason we are continually drawn to these creatures is because they are medicine for our emotional cuts & scrapes

The relationships & experiences that we continually seek out reveal something interesting...

Our bodies naturally want to heal themselves from not only the physical scars that adorn us but also the emotional scars that accumulate.   

Big wounds that we pick up from childhood all the way through to little scrapes from that confrontational email we opened this morning. 

Like it or not, we are emotional creatures that live in a world where emotions are considered as seperate from our physical bodies and treated as such. 
When we get hurt our bodies are very good at course correcting & getting us back on track. 
The process for emotional healing is very similar to the way we heal from physical wounds. 

Have you ever had a burn or a deep cut and watched how your body heals it?
It goes red from all of the red blood cells rushing in to deliver nutrients, then maybe the white blood cells are called in. 
After a while it armours itself from the outside world with a scab for a while.
Finally it becomes itchy & uncomfortable as the armour slowly withdraws and the flesh is revealed as stronger than before. 

Emotions run through a similar process.
There is a process to it all - they protect us, heal us & armour us but I think we can get stuck in the armoured stage because it's itchy & uncomfortable to drop that armour. 

I believe that we all have contained within us the ability to go through this process without the need of outside help but...

Medicine for our emotional wounds is all around us in the form of relationships & experiences

The world around us is full of medicines for our physical ailments and you wouldn't go far without coming across a fix for your emotional scrapes either. 
Relationships & experiences provide us the space to heal passively. We may not even know it's happening but when you enter into that space of connection with another or with nature, it just happens. 

So what is it about the horse that's healing you?

Their Willingness to be with us

If you’ve faced rejection or abandonment, which most people have to some degree 
A being that chooses to be with you…
That chooses connection with you over separation….
That wants to move its body in sync with yours is deeply, deeply healing.

The Freedom we feel with them

When you ride a horse you are in your body. Concentrating on keeping rhythm & flowing movement through your body is a meditation all of its own.
We are drawn to anything that gives us a break from our thinking minds & takes us into our bodies. 

So that freedom when you are flying across a beach on horseback with the wind in your face - no thoughts, no judgements - is freedom from your mind. 

Their Gentle Natures

As life, others, or ourselves are rough on us - it will be the gentle nature of another being that we seek out.
With their enormous capacity for power it’s almost surprising that they would prefer to be peaceful with us.
In their gentle natures we recognise on a deep level that, ahhh yes it does still exist. 
Despite what past experience might prove otherwise.
Despite what our minds might resist.
And in their gentle presence, the armour starts to fall.

If any of the things I've written about resonate with you, here's what I have to say...

Use the time you have with horses consciously. 

Use the medicine with purpose. Know that just being around them while they graze peacefully is healing. Know that when you ride & train them, their movement is medicine. 

When you are with a horse & something in the way they move or act strikes a chord in you - feel it. 

Those emotions crop up for a reason - the body wants to feel them so that it can get on with its day!
It takes resources to hold onto these feelings & if we don't allow the body to feel them they linger & fester. 

I don't believe ignoring them is beneficial at all. I myself am a recovering emotion ignorer but the body just ends up yelling "For Christ's sake, just feel the damn emotion so we can get on with things!" 

That's maybe what my body says, your body might be slightly more polite. 

There is so much more I could say on this subject, perhaps I will write about it again...

... there is so much about horses that connects us to a deeper meaning, which is what I'm all about. I want to find the meaning behind human behaviour, art that draws our eye & experiences with horses & the natural world that captivate us. 


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