Strengthen Your Intuition With Yoga

When I bring up the topic of yoga I see people put their guard up.

I think there are a lot of connotations tied to yoga that people don’t want to connect themselves with.

Maybe it’s the connection with hippies (I do love a good hippie though!)
Or just the idea of sitting still (squirmy is the word that comes to mind)
I don’t really know why but yoga turns some people off.

All I know is that yoga has been integral for developing my intuition, something that has transformed my life (read about how here)

The thing that initially drew me to yoga was my big ol’ banana shaped spine I got from years of terrible posture & riding young horses that required me to be in the ‘relaxed but ready’ position.

So in the very least yoga has helped me with that, but there’s way way waaay more to it than that.

'Relaxed but ready' position

This is a good place to clarify something - I don’t do yoga everyday. 

I don’t think that is necessary for it to work its magic.

It’s one of those ‘more return for your investment’ things I hear banking/money type people say. 

So how has yoga helped me strengthen my intuition?

Intuition comes from a very deep part of you. 

Often described as your gut feeling, I believe intuition springs from your ‘centre’.

If I were to quickly sum up the physical aspect of yoga, I would say it’s the practice of helping your body find its centre… something I definitely didn’t do naturally.

Have you ever been walking along just minding your own business and suddenly your brain becomes starkly conscious of exactly how you’re walking? 

“Why am I walking so awkwardly?” 
“Everyone knows I’m walking weird”
“Why can’t I stop thinking about it?!”

That’s happened to me more times than I want to admit.

It’s because I’ve always tended to move forward of my centre. 
An anticipatory position.

Yoga has helped me move from my centre

People who are well versed in the art of moving from centre are mesmerising to watch. 

Us humans are naturally drawn to these people:
  • Ballet dancers
  • Dressage riders
  • Yogis!

Helping your body find its balance from your feet all the way up your body, stacking joints along the way is the antidote to Walking Weird And Other Maladies (my book I’m yet to write lol).

Once your body finds its centre, your mind follows suit & when the two connect, intuition can flow.

This is my theory on how:

It’s now widely accepted that the heart & the gut contain neurons. 
If intuition can be conceptualised as the body’s intelligence, becoming more aligned & centred may allow for a transfer of that intelligence to the brain.
This allows knowledge that your body unconsciously picks up through its variety of modalities to transfer into a conscious thought or at least influence your decisions & behaviour. 

So I hope I didn’t scare the bejeezus out of you. I’m not trying to force you into a yoga practice. A lot of my blog posts are my way of figuring out phenomenons in my own life through writing about them. 

If it happens to help someone else out, that is an added bonus!


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