How Intuition Transformed My Life

I’ve been kicking my feet around about how to write this piece for longer than I probably should have. 

I would think about picking up my pen, I would stare at the screen of my computer, I would even write down in my to do lists to put pen to paper on it but it just wouldn't happen.

The problem is that the subject is a bit of a mystery to me and writing about something that’s a mystery is hard.

I don't know exactly what intuition is.
All I know is that it’s played it’s hand rather heavily in my life of late. 

So through the writing process I am figuring out exactly what I think about it… bare with me.

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Now I haven’t thought through the exact progression of my intuition right from day dot through to now. That would take a lot of looking into my past including the murky teenage years.
No thanks.

At this point in time I have a diary full of evidence that in the last year alone, paying attention to my intuition has paid off in the form of amazing opportunities & incredible events. 

So I’ll work around that time frame shall I?

In October 2021 I decided to go full time with my equine photography.

The decision to niche myself in was a long time coming but lay stagnant for years. 
I was not consciously aware of it but I had deep seated beliefs that were playing out in my life. 

If they could be materialised as concrete thoughts they would sound like this:

  • "I am a dreamer & being a dreamer is not a good thing."
  • "Worth comes from earning good money, you can’t earn good money from equine photography."
  • "No one will be interested in what I have to offer"

Beliefs like these play out in your decisions - hence why the leap to equine photography took so long.

Running commentary like these reside very deep & quiet inside you. 
They can lay hidden for years.

While they remain hidden however, your life will follow the course that they whisper.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will lead your life & you will call it fate” - Carl Jung

Archetypal stories all tell of these sort of dark inner beliefs. 

J.K. Rowling & her dementors, J.R.R. Tolkein & his ring wraiths - personifications of dark thoughts & insidious beliefs do not want to be seen in the stark light of day. 

Their power lies in being hidden & the mind barricades itself into believing them with all sorts of false evidence & reasoning. 

By turning the light of consciousness onto yourself you will find that those voices become smaller & smaller.
No longer weighed down by these little dark gremlins your true inner voice can be heard much more clearly.

And this my friends is the starting point for intuition
(ahhh we got there in the end!)

So what happens after Luke Skywalker defeats Darth Vader? 
(literally Dark Father - our parents are often the root of these beliefs)
The hero’s journey continues towards healing & resolution which is the part they normally skip over

This is the stage that I find myself in now...

So how did I actually do it?

  • First off by being willing to look at repeated patterns of behaviour & events in my life & question what it was inside me that made these events or behaviours keep repeating.
  • Writing my thoughts down in a way that was painfully truthful. 

You know you are being truthful when writing or speaking words aloud feels uncomfortable.
For me it came with feelings of audacity & unworthiness.

  • Talking with friends who are not afraid to tell you when they think you are wrong!

So I’m no Harry, or Frodo, or Luke.
Things aren’t so dramatic in my life. 

But since I have turned the light onto my dark inner beliefs and tuned into my intuition, I have witnessed my life transform.

  • I’ve been much more open to allowing people into my life.
    Which has led to opportunity after opportunity presenting itself

  • This ties in with above but I am a lot more at ease with being ‘seen’ by others. 
  • My body image issues have become less a part of my inner dialogue.
  • My photography business & skills has evolved at a much higher rate 

I still need to keep myself accountable & the light still needs to continually banish some undesirable beliefs or thoughts that crop up but now that it is a practice I feel I am moving more & more towards my centre. 

So I guess I figured it out! I didn't know that it would lead me through Carl Jung & Star Wars but the process of writing/thinking is an interesting one - contact me on social media if you have any juicy stories about how intuition has transformed your life!

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