Casey Brodie

How much of a session do I make posed or unposed? 

Answer - depends on the subjects. 

This session was a quick blast of energy. 3 kids, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat. All of which have large personalities & vitality which is absolutely fantastic but can make for blurry photos if I ask them to stay still for too long!

The truth is this family has a lot of energy & instead of trying to make for a 'perfect' portrait by forcing a square shape into a round hole why not just go with it!

Casey loves her herd for who they are so why not capture those aspects as well as the more posed ones when I can. 

So if an ear isn't forward or a leg is a little bit unsquare ... or a mare is making a funny face, I think those moments are still worth capturing to tell the overall story.


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