Sam, Pippi & Aianna

Sam & her grandmother share these two lovely horses, Pippi & Aiyanna. I was really touched by the idea of family member sharing a love of horses so much that they share their horses. Spending time together with them creating key memories. 

I remember being so in love with horses it drove me crazy not having my own! I've always wondered how my life would have turned out if my parents had got me a pony when I was young... there's no way of knowing, but I like to think that everything works out for your benefit... maybe having a pony as a girl wouldn't have built the intense drive in me to leave school to train horses. 

Maybe in a parallel universe, little Bridie got her pony & life led her down a very different road.
For for me in this universe, I like the road I'm on.

Sam rides Pippi bridleless & bareback - jumping her and trekking through their nearby forest - something I know I would have done at her age. 

So for this session I put myself in Sam's shoes & took the photos I would have loved to have as a horse crazy teenager.


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