Why I Photograph Horses?

Universally & across the span of centuries horses have been admired, written into mythology & painted into royal portraits… heck they’ve been painted on prehistoric cave walls!

I’ve loved horses since I was too young to make reasoned decisions.
It’s something that is hard to put into words. Perhaps that is why I am compelled to take photos of them - in doing so I am figuring out what draws me to them.

And I guess I haven’t really thought about my love for horses… I’ve felt it. 
So how do they make me feel?

Connected. Seen. Heard & understood.

As I was pondering this... a poem came to my page...

What draws us into the horse?  

Horses have the capacity to connect with humans
In a way that reveals us to ourselves. 
Strong & noble, humble yet proud
Their judgement holds weight that we continually seek out.

As you walk into the round pen you hang your words up at the gate.
No explanations
No excuses
No lies, just truth
It leaves you kind of exposed… Humbled you might say. 

When that horse turns away & runs, she is communicating - are you listening? 
Can you hear what she’s saying? 
Is your ego dismantled enough to see her judgements in action, rippling through her body, shining through her eyes?

It’s not words that will bring her into you. 
It’s truth. A truth deeper than words can express. 
When she slows & turns - what has she heard? 
You may not even know what you have spoken.

But the truth of who you are is beyond the words you wrap yourself in.
That’s what the horse sees & in doing so she draws us in.


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