Wild Thyme Horsemanship

Ellie Harrison of Wild Thyme Horsemanship is one of those women who quietly achieves astounding things like it's no big deal...

Like horses just lay down & rear on command all of the time! 

She has such an easy way about her, it's no wonder her horses are so happy to do her bidding. 

Her Kaimanawa stallion - oh yeah who was WILD only 9 months ago! - is named after Military Auxillary Radio System but it also happens to be the Roman god of war, Ares the Greek equivalent. 

He may have been through battles while in the ranges but his demeanour with Ellie was blissful. Like a huge weight had been taken from his shoulders. He still has his herd & he still roams through Ellie's clever track system across her property so his home makes sense to his wild ways. 

Ellie - If you've got the God of war in your field that must make you Artemis, Goddess of animals.  


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