Why you should include headshots

Why should you get headshots?

Engagement is that marvellous thing we are all chasing online and showing your face is proven to increase your engagement

In a study of 1.1mil photos on Instagram, photos of faces got 38% more likely to get a double tap and 32% more likely to get comments than photos without faces. 
Headshots bring a human element to a brand which increases trust, reliability & relatability. 
Not only are they fantastic for increasing engagement, I am a big believer in having professional headshots of yourself while you are in your element. People come alive when they are with their favourite horse or working on their business that they’ve worked so hard to grow, it is almost a crime to not have headshots done while a photographer is around. 

What is a headshot?

Headshots can be by yourself, with your horse or your dog, but you and your lovely face are the focus. Having your animal there helps to make you feel more relaxed and may be relevant to your brand.

What kind of businesses need headshots?

Service based equine business

trainers, riders, farriers, vets, photographers etc
If you are interacting with your clients on a personal level, they want to know who you are before they meet you. 

Product based equine business

These guys are sitting in the back of the class smiling smugly because they think they can hide behind their product - LET ME TELL YOU a good headshot on your about or contact page can make a good first impression which increases trust which increases conversions

How to prepare for headshots

  •  Bring a friend
    This makes everyones job so much easier. A friend or loved one that knows you well and can make you laugh and cheer you on from the sidelines to make you feel a million bucks - I’ll be cheering you on with them!
  • Professional make up & hair
    -This is completely your choice, you can do your own make up and hair. I’ve always liked my own self portraits more when I’ve paid a professional to do my makeup and hair, but you are probably better at that stuff than I am.
  • Choose your outfits
    What do you want to express to your clients? That you are a leader?That you deeply care for horses & animals?That you are approachable? fun? professional? How you dress is how you are representing your business. Choose 1 or 2 outfits based on how you want to present yourself to your clients. Maybe even chuck in an outfit that you like just for the hell of it!

I have an information sheet to guide you through preparing for your photoshoot which will provide you with more information. I also offer my direct help to my clients for any questions.

Where can you use headshots?

  • Profile photo on social media
    Professional headshots elevate your social media profile above the throngs of other pages that are competing for attention. Optimising this tiny little circle or square can reel in more followers to your page where you can grab em with your content!
  • About page
    One of my pet peeves is websites about me pages without a photo of someone - either a team photo or headshot
  • Contact page
    It may help people word their emails in a nicer tone because they know they are interacting with a real human, not a nameless, faceless company.
  • Introduction posts on social media
    What is the point of an introduction if it doesn’t involve your face?

End note

years) to put myself out there. It has taken a lot of inner work to get to a place where I am comfortable to share myself on the internet but some of that work was doing it even though I didn’t feel like it. In the photo below I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ but I did it anyway. It would have helped if I had followed my own advice and brought a friend to alleviate the butterflies. 


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