Knowing Janelle from my days of horse training - it was a real trip down memory lane to photograph her with her beloved horse, Barbie. 

Non horsey people may not understand the bond a girl can have with such a huge beast but I definitely do.. my own mare, Molly is undeniably the strongest bond I have ever had with any other animal … coming pretty close to my human relationships too.

Janelle has always had such a loving nature and Motherhood looks stunning on her. This maternity/family/equine session was such a beautiful way to showcase how much love one woman can hold in her heart for so many. Her capacity for nurturing is overflowing and I am in complete awe of her and any mother for that matter. Watching Janelles daughters love for Barbie was adorable to see as well - she has obviously inherited her mothers horse obsession!

I love doing maternity and family sessions so much - if you are thinking of adding an equine or canine family member - please, yes, do it! My two dogs Rock and Louie and my two horses Shaw and Molly are all members of the family (oh, I can’t forget the cat, Kitty Puss!) and my goal is to have them all together for a shot - the cat might be the hardest to wrangle for that one.


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