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I asked a friend recently "what values would you like your child to go into adulthood with?' Her answers were:

Social skills - the ability to make friends easily and read people well.
Curiosity - which facilitates adventure, an adventurous lifestyle leads to a satisfying life.
Kindness - to show kindness not only to friends and loved ones but to people who may not seem of immediate benefit.. the man on the end of the phone who is performing his job to the best of his abilities, the woman in front of you who is driving a tad slower than you'd prefer..

I've thought about these traits (which are but a few of so many other desirable traits that I hope my future children will exhibit) and it occurred to me that all of these personality traits, if expressed to their highest potential, will lead a person down the path of connection. A more connected life is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. 

"Your legacy is every life you touch" - Maya Angelou

And what a privileged task to be given as a parent - to be able to influence these little personalities, to shape their world and in turn their destiny. I was a witness to this during an hour spent walking around Te Koutu Lake Domain, Cambridge with the Andersons. Kindness and compassion, gentleness and fun loving were a few of the values I could see these young parents teaching their two little girls. 
If I've done my job, at the end of the day I want the images I create to reflect the values you hold dear to yourself and your family. 

I'd love to hear what values you hold near and dear, let me know on my Instagram @bridierosephotography

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