I've already shared the more spectacular moments of our trip - the mountains of Banff and the fast paced rodeo events my favourite part of Canada was just being at home on the ranch, spending time with people I loved. 


Cooking up some sausages on the fire - they taste so much better cooked this way!

My first time heeling calves for branding

And my first successful catch! - such an addictive feeling

Moving the cows to a new pasture on a very windy day with the horses

Practising roping up at the neighbours arena

Found a little garden snake! Everyone around me took a few steps back (some people ran a couple miles away)

My favourite people!

OMG! The shelves just go on forever with boots! This is nothing compared to some of the other shops we went to - this is just the local western shop

I can't make a favourite memories post without adding Dairy Queen! This cup is a size small!!! I had Dairy Queen for breakfast, lunch and dinner one particularly hot day in Canada. I would give just about anything for Dairy Queen to come to New Zealand - words can't describe how good it is, heaven in a cup!


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