My trip to Canada was packed FULL of amazing experiences and memories so I thought I would compile them into a few seperate blogs because we had such varied activities. It started out with staying on a ranch with friends where we lived as true blue Canadians. For the last leg of our trip we did the whole tourist thing and trundled around the mountains which were freakin amazing! 

As a portrait photographer I had an interesting time taking so many landscape photos. I've always looked at landscape photography and thought it would look better with people in it (or horses) so I had to find another way to make myself interested in landscape photos which was to chase that beautiful golden hour light. 


Sulpher Mountain in Banff was absolutely spectacular despite the horridly steep gondola ride up. I always considered myself pretty good with heights but this ride had me clutching onto my seat with white knuckles. Worth it though for the amazing views. We spent most of the day up on top of the mountain so that I could wait for the sun to lower and clicked away on my camera capturing the surrounding mountain ranges. We relied A LOT on total strangers to hold my camera (eeek!) and hope that they managed to get an in focus picture of the both of us. We picked our strangers right though and ended up with some awesome memories of us on this amazing mountain (thank you whoever you are)

This picture does not do the steepness and scariness justice! Believe me guys it was very high up!

Lake Moraine

We visited Lake Moraine at 6:00 am which was a good decision! If you ever go to Banff, definitely visit Lake Moraine and definitely do it early in the morning. When we got to the car park at 6am there were already 10 vehicles there but when we left a couple of hours later there was a line of vehicles 3km down the road!! No surprises why people wanted to visit there though, this lake is by far the most beautiful piece of earth I have ever had the pleasure to witness and as a photographer, early morning light just melts me so I was in heaven! 

Lake Minnewanka

After laughing about this lakes name for about 10 hours, we thought we'd go check it out. It may not be as stunning as the turquoise lakes of Moraine and Louise but at 8pm when we went, to me it was just as enjoyable and no way near the amount of tourists around to get in the way of your photos! Definitely one of my favourite nights spent in Canada - I could have stayed longer but the mosquitos had it in for me - there could be a thousand people in a room and one mosquito and that mozzie will find me, so frustrating!


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