I’m not much into showing. Jodhpurs look ridiculous on me and my horse is not fancy enough to parade around a ring winning ribbons. I gave it a go in my younger days but it never really fitted with me so when I discovered rodeo and roping - where the clock is your judge - it fit me like a glove. I enjoy the down to earth people who are always there to give you a pointer or two and the horses seem love it. My mare Molly is in her element when she’s chasing cows, it’s bred into her and she just knows what to do. Shaw, my thoroughbred isn’t so sure (haha is that a pun or irony?) but he’ll get there, I’m sure of it (too much).

 I feel at home at western events, people always make you feel welcome and it's always such a fun atmosphere. 

So you won’t likely find me at the local show jumping or dressage events - you’ll find me at the local rodeo, reining or ranch events (anything with a bunch of quarter horses really) and I’ll either have my horse or my camera there or awkwardly trying to do both at the same time. 

If you have a western event you'd like me to take photos at - give me a bell! 


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