BB was the epitome of a gentleman in the horse world. This guy had been in Kerryanne life on and off for 8 years. Although she had sold him twice, he would keep coming back through no fault of his own. He was just meant to be with Kerryanne, she was the best person to care for him.
BB (short for Bilbo Baggins, the most unmatched name for this tall, handsome steed) was the sort of horse you could rely on for a relaxing ride, he was always looking after his rider. Unfortunately, it was discovered that BB had kissing spine, a condition that fuses the spine together and can be very painful for horses. Too often conditions like kissing spine are misdiagnosed as behavioural issues because the horse will protest to being ridden simply because they are in so much pain. Luckily for BB, he had Kerryanne to look after him and manage his pain so he never had to protest, but as the months went by his back got worse and worse which left Kerryanne faced with the heart breaking decision of what was best for BB.

Horses come in and out of our lives but this special gelding will stay in Kerryannes' heart for a long time. He had such a gentle way about him, I can see why Kerryanne loved him so much. Horses give us so much and in return we must do the very best we can for them to be happy - they deserve it!
Rest in peace BB.


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