Why These Photos Are so Important to Me

Just about everyone who knows me will tell you how much I love my horse, Molly. She doesn't even feel like a horse to me sometimes, she feels more like a friend. I'm always seeing myself mirrored in her - she's not a very marish mare just like I've always been a bit of a tomboy. She likes to get stuff done and get it done now! She will give you cuddles but only when she feels like it. And she is the most independent horse I've met! I don't think I could have chosen a more suited horse for myself but thats the trick I think - we don't choose our one-in-a-million partners, they choose us or someone chooses them for us. Molly came to me by pure accident and circumstance and as much as I would have loved to meet her sooner - I'm happy things worked out the way they did.

And now that I have this amazing horse in my life I could go on riding her and enjoying life with her while slowly getting closer and closer to the time she has to go - and as much as I don't like thinking about it (I'm actually in denial, Molly will live forever!) I don't want her best years to pass without something to prove how special she is. iPhone pictures are one thing but an image that has been created and carefully edited to showcase her best features is so much more meaningful to me. I want something that I am proud to hang on my wall but more than that I want something that shows how much love and pride I have in my horse.

So with my determination to get some nice photos of Molly and I - I organised for us and a friend with her horse to go out to a nearby equestrian park where I first took pictures of my friend and then I set the camera up for her and she snapped these beautiful pictures that I am so grateful for. They will be framed and hung on my wall where I can see them all the time - not just when I log into my Facebook account.

This personal experience that I have with my own One-In-A-Gazillion, means I want to seek out others who have this same bond and give them back some beautiful art to remember their first love. Whether its your first pony or you have a team of show jumpers - they play an important role in your life and they are worth remembering.

If you have a bond with your horse like no other and you want to remember that forever - get in touch with me! I wanna hear about your partnership and create some beautiful images of you.


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