Meet Bridie

I've worked as a horse trainer & managed beef farms but through it all my love for horses & art has led me to create images that serve horse lovers & equine businesses.

I find fulfilment creating photos of horses that showcase either a special bond with their person, represent a discipline or equestrian association, or present equine products and brands in a special light.
My own horse Molly gives me a constant source of inspiration & understanding that I pour into my equine photography so that others can have meaningful photos to treasure. Horse photoshoots are complicated and so very rewarding. Being a horse photographer as well as a horsewoman means I know what to look for in photos of horses and always get a thrill from creating photographs of horses and their humans where the bond between them is clearly visible. 

The love of horses has led me here, the love of art compels me to photograph them


(If only it were that easy!)

01. Growing up a Horse Girl

A childhood full of pretending I had a pony.. or was a pony.. being told off for only painting horses in art class... Climbing fences to go say hi to random horses

03. Ranching in Canada

Where I fell in love with roping, quarter horses, country music & those big Canadian skies. 

05. Discovering Photography

I didn't know I was creative when I was growing up - so when I found photography it was an instant hit of colour, style & self expression that I had never experienced before. 

02. Training Horses

After I left school I had my dream job training young horses - this is where I found my affinity for horsemanship, western riding & bridleless riding

04. My Own Heart Horse

Molly and I have managed beef farms, ridden trails, competed in reining & ridden liberty - she is the big WHY behind my heart horse photography

06. Horse Photographer

After time as a wedding photographer for a while, I found myself only having the desire to be a horse photographer. 

Bridie is absolutely amazing! I love her style, she creatively sees what could be and sets the shot up so naturally. She's easy to be around, makes you feel comfortable and free to be yourself. I love how she captures little moments that aren't forced or super posed. She's amazingly talented.

 – Brooke

About Fine Art Equine Photography

It's emotive & heartfelt

Fine art equine photography is seeing the horse with a deeper perspective & aiming to bring that perspective to life through the medium of photography. Horses hold a spark of meaning for people - they are beautiful & noble beings that teach us about ourselves.

Meaning > Aesthetics

Always. But when those two come together through a carefully honed eye & technical skill built over years of practice - that is fine art.

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