From artful creations for equine brands to heartfelt portraits, Bridie brings curation & style to horse photography across New Zealand & beyond



As a horse photographer, Bridie draws upon her long lived passion for horses & a carefully honed eye for fine art to reveal emotive, meaningful & captivating horse photography

"Bridie's photos are world class & we had so much fun creating them with her. Couldn't be happier!"



Years loving them with all of my heart


Years training, starting & riding professionally


Years photographing their beauty

Horses have inspired art for centuries. Over & over again humans are compelled to depict their beauty, strength & nobility. Knowing them & loving her own, Bridie captures them with insight, simplicity & vibrance.


Create art worth hanging amongst your most cherished items

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Equine Brand Photography

Working alongside a specialist equine photographer who puts the time & effort into getting to know the business that you've built from the ground up makes all the difference for your advertising & marketing presence. From product photography to horse photography, I aim to create images that represent your brand benefits & appeal to your market.


Christine Weal & Liszt for Betavet

Christine Weal & Liszt for Betavet - a company I can really get behind. Their herbal supplements are performance focussed without compromising on quality health products. I've used their products forRead more

Casey Brodie

How much of a session do I make posed or unposed?  Answer - depends on the subjects.  This session was a quick blast of energy. 3 kids, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat. All of which have largeRead more

Sam, Pippi & Aianna

Sam & her grandmother share these two lovely horses, Pippi & Aiyanna. I was really touched by the idea of family member sharing a love of horses so much that they share their horses. Spending timeRead more

Charlotte O'Grady

Photographing dressage horses with all their lovely pizzazz & presence was a contrast for me after taking photos for a lot of western horses at the AQHANZ Nationals Photographing different discipliRead more

Why I Photograph Horses?

Universally & across the span of centuries horses have been admired, written into mythology & painted into royal portraits… heck they’ve been painted on prehistoric cave walls! I’ve lovedRead more

What is Fine Art Equine Photography?

Fine art photography was first introduced to me when I started photography years ago & found the work of Erich McVey & Jose Villa mesmerising.  It was something in the simplicity, minimalism &Read more

AQHA-NZ Nationals Favourites

Photographing AQHANZ Nationals at NEC Taupo was a totally immersive experience for me.  Western riding & quarter horses have been a passion of mine for a long time but being surrounded with thisRead more

Keenan Performance Equine Photoshoot

I was delighted to do a western horse photoshoot for Kelly as I love the quarter horse breed and photographing these beautiful horses was a pleasure. Kelly Keenan has brought her expertise & talent fRead more

2021 Ultramox Freedom to Friendship Kaimanawa Stallion Challenge Champions

Reserve Champion - Best Conditioned Kaimanawa 1st place - Freestyle Class 1st place - Obstacle Course 2nd place - Handling & Conditioning ClassRead more

Wild Thyme Horsemanship Equifest Stallion Challenge

Read more

Sanders Family Portraits

Equine portraits & family portraits rolled into one plus the rain came & added some effects for a bit as well! Remarkably well behaved warmbloods in this session - I was most impressed.Read more

Wild Thyme Horsemanship

Ellie Harrison of Wild Thyme Horsemanship is one of those women who quietly achieves astounding things like it's no big deal... Like horses just lay down & rear on command all of the time!  She has Read more

Meaningful horse photography captured with love & attention


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